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Welcome to the North Carolina Drug Rehab, we provide information on substance abuse, drug and alcohol rehab centers, addiction intervention and other mental health resources for your benefit. If you would like to talk to a live NC rehab counselor regarding drug addiction treatment our helpline number is provided at the top of the page. Once an addict admits that he or she has a drug or alcohol problem and needs help then the next step toward recovery is finding the most appropriate detoxification and rehab program for that person. We can help you find the right North Carolina drug rehab to match your specific needs and one which will treat the whole person mind, body and spirit.

North Carolina Drug Rehab services comprise a wide range of assessment, individual counseling, group counseling, psychotherapy, case management, 12 steps recovery, Christian programs and support provided in residential and non-residential NC drug rehabs.  Substance abuse treatment support activities such as aftercare/transitional housing and life skills training. For people in need of medical withdraw from drug and alcohol addictions there are detoxification facilities available in various cities throughout North Carolina. To receive help with direction on finding the best drug rehab in North carolina for your situation contact us at: 800-910-1340

Often what complicates drug rehab North Carolina research is the reality that there is a wide variety of treatment methods available. But as we know the program that is suitable for one person may not be right for next. Although some programs have better success than others it ultimately comes down to personal preference as to which method of treatment and detox you chose from. drug addiction recoveryThe types of NC drug rehabs to choose from are Christian drug rehabs, 12 step based or alternative treatment programs and there are many types of detox programs as well. Contact us and we can help you locate the program that best suit you.

Generally the first phase of a treatment program is drug and/or alcohol detoxification, but that depends on which drugs a person is addicted to. Drug detoxification decreases the high levels of toxins held in the body from abusing drugs and alcohol. And because certain drugs produce physical addiction which causes severe withdrawals, the appropriate method for detox in such cases is medical detoxification; where patients receive specific medications for tapering down to ease the harsh effects of withdrawal and are also given around the clock monitoring by doctors and nurses to insure the safety of detoxifying clients.

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Drugs which produce the most severe physical addiction and withdrawals are alcohol, benzodiazapams (Valium, Xanax, Clonipin, and Ativan), barbiturates (phenobarbital) and opiate and opioid pain relievers such as heroin, methadone, Suboxone, oxycodone, (Oxycontin, Roxicodone, Percocet) hydrocodone  (Vicodin, Norco, Lorcet Lortab).

At the drug detoxification unit a doctor works out the prescribed medication schedule which depends the type of drugs or alcohol the patient is addicted too. However, not all detox units use the same methods therefore different North Carolina detox facilities may provide different methods of detoxification. In most cases the drug detoxification programs take anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks, unless the person has an addiction to methadone or suboxone / buprenorphine which have a very long half-life that causes prolonged and complicated withdrawal plans. Nevertheless once the patient is done with detoxification he or she needs to go straight into drug treatment. Going though detox alone without entering a comprehensive drug addiction treatment program has proven useless because drug addiction is a mental, physical and spiritual dilemma not just physical which is all detox addresses and only scratching the surface physically because there are also post withdrawals associated with chemical dependency. Therefore take care to already have drug rehab in North Carolina setup to go into directly following the detoxification phase. Addictions to drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine (meth, crystal-meth, ice speed etc...) don’t produce severe life threatening physical withdrawals and do not necessitate medical detoxification and therefore those individuals can generally go straight into a NC drug rehab program.

Consequences of psychoactive drug use can be devastating and unless treated in time the addiction eventually leads to a full-blown downward spiral potentially impairing every part of an addict’s life. Therefore getting an addict into the right treatment is crucial for an individual and his or her recovery process. Therefore it’s essential to find a NC drug treatment program that addresses the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the addict. The Christian drug rehab centers and the ones that use the 12 step program have the highest success rates for that very reason. With the ever increasing drug problem not just in North Carolina but nationwide the Christian Churches have been diligent in stepped up to take on the issue and provide Celebrate Recovery’s and many churches in NC and around the globe. Celebrate Recovery which is a Christian based version of the 12 step program has had much success for supporting and fellowship with recovering addicts. The original version of the 12 step program has had good success too for those serious about the program.

Also you need to pick a drug rehab center in North Carolina that is going be long enough to bring about actual change in the patient. Furthermore there needs to be a continuing in recovery plan in place after their initial drug addiction treatment program is over. Your better North Carolina drug treatment centers will already have these aftercare programs in place.

We can help you to refine your NC rehab research labors, first establish if inpatient rehab or outpatient treatment is needed. Residential inpatient drug rehab has much more success than an outpatient facility because patients are given more rehabilitation. Also addicts are removed from their drugging environment which considerably decreases all those temptations and triggers linked with particular vicinity such as people, places and things unfavorable toward treatment and recovery. Often when people look for the best rehab center for them they automatically seek to locate a treatment center near home. As that initially seems like the best approach bet there are usually not a bad idea to send the addict away from home to get rehabilitated.  Outpatient rehabs in North Carolina are best for substance abuse problem which may not have become severe chemical dependency thus far. Just like an inpatient treatment center an outpatient program may vary in comprehensiveness and intensity. Such as various substance abuse treatment centers provide an IOP (intensive outpatient program). Nevertheless alcoholism and drug addiction typically necessitate intensive residential inpatient treatment. Obviously the more structured the program and the more treatment received the chances of lasting recovery increase. Don't Delay Call Now: 800-910-1340